Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09

Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09
Dylan helping at a childcare center

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thoughts on Assignments from Week 4

This week seemed to be nothing but frustrating. I finished the graphics lab but I thought it took way to long to complete. The tutorial gave vague instructions - like now we will use the level tool to change xy and z but didn't tell you where on the drop down menu to look for the tool. The hunting and pecking was also driving me crazy with the difference between photoshop 5.5 and photoshop elements 6. I had to wait for my husband to come home to show me where the crop tool was...(he forgot his cell phone) or I would have had my answer much sooner.
Then I didn't really comprehend the assigned readings. Was chapter 3 trying to say to download Mozillia Composer? When I tried to do the download it said something to the effect that it was no longer available, download SeaMonkey. I tried to do the SeaMonkey download but kept getting warnings that it could hurt my computer so I did not complete download. So...I'm confused again. Are we learning and using frontpage software- software that is not available anywhere but in the Albright Lab? Why? Shouldn't we be learning software we can use outside of class to build on what we have learned in class. I was hoping to build on my introduction to web design to enhance my church website. Hoping I don't have to build my whole web site sitting in Lancaster.

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  1. Yea..I felt the same way about the labs this week. I wasn't expecting them to be that cumbersome.