Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09

Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09
Dylan helping at a childcare center

Monday, June 22, 2009

Additional thoughts on readings from week3

I got so excited about moving on to create my own website that I neglected to answer the questions from week 3. The 2 websites I visited to critique were and From the very beginning you can see that the corporate Graco website is well organized, uses easy to read and colorful links to useful information and also uses heart warming graphics of child to sell their products. The overall general design is excellent. My church website needs a little help. A member of our church volunteered to create and maintain the site. The creator has in depth knowledge but has little time to devote on the website because he works full time, travels with work and is raising a family. The site is organized with links on the top which looks good but the links on the left side need some work. Also, the whole right side is blank, need to add some graphics, text or something. Everything is straight-forward information. For example on the contact page he could have used pictures of the staff and listed the contact information below.

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