Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09

Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09
Dylan helping at a childcare center

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reading week 1

After reading chapter 5, Print vs Web, I felt kinda old and dated (maybe I should look at it like more experienced. Yeah, that's better). The author tells it's readers that they are "probably too young to ememeber when designers ran across town to show a client a layout for an ad or a brochure." Unfoutunately, I do remember, it was my first real job in marketing. I was a marketing coordinator for Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable in Reading is now know as Comcast.
I was fimilar with most of the reading and the vocabulary words, but now I know the formal names for what I have been doing for years. I ftp label files, create pdfs and worked with ad agencies to layout direct mail and brochures for most of my career, I just never knew the actual names of what I was doing. FTP - file transfer protocal - who knew!
I'm looking forward to actually designing the web pages rather than communicating my ideas to some designer, although every designer I have worked with has been very creative and helpful.
I'm also looking forward to learning more about photoshop, I have some Quark Express experience and work with publisher but photoshop is so much more interesting

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