Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09

Lincoln Park UMC Mission Trip June '09
Dylan helping at a childcare center

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thoughts on Assignments for week 5

My website is based on a project we need to complete in our Marketing course. We were divided into groups and told that we have to sell scrapple. Our group divided the research and tasks and I offered to use the website I create in this class to enhance our group presentation (since I am responsible for marketing and communications).
I started with creating a logo, but the group decided on another logo someone else created.
I used all the farm photos from the free websites posted on blackboard and used a clip art t-shirt to paste the threelittlepig logo on it.
I have most of the pictures and copy organized and started creating the first website on webnode the url is I found that the webnodes form was pretty limited in font size and color or it just could not figure out how to change it on my own. It also took me alot longer to create than I thought it would and I'm concerned I won't be able to create the website in frontpage in the 4 hours we are given in the next class.
As I started to create the website in webnodes I started added things to take up space to make the site look better - I didn't consider using surveys and polls but the available templates make it almost impossible not to use them.

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